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Your Schedule As an Aid to Your Spiritual Life
February 21, 2023, 10:00 AM

How can I find time to put one more thing on my schedule?  Sometimes, these are the words, thoughts, or feelings of someone who has been challenged to share the Gospel, pray more, or even study and read the Word of God more.   What do you do, when you feel as if there are not enough hours in a day or a week to get these important activities done?

Sometimes, the issue may be that we need to revisit our priorities, be more disciplined in the execution of our scheduled or planned activities or be aware of the natural rhythms of our bodies.  Just because there is an opportunity that avails itself, it does not mean that we should be committing ourselves to it.  Additionally, those essential activities to which we have committed ourselves often require the ability to push ourselves through to completion, even when we would rather not. 

Notwithstanding all the challenges, there are a few suggestions that may help us to be more creative in the use of the time that we have.  For example, evangelism (the sharing of the Gospel with the lost) does not have to be conceived as an “one more thing that I have to put on my schedule.”  We can set our minds and hearts to look for opportunities throughout the day, as we are going about our daily routines, to share the Gospel.  It may be with our friends, relatives, acquaintances, or neighbors.  Ask God to sensitize you to the opportunities and to give you the wisdom to proceed and engage others with the Gospel daily! 

We may also be more creative in our use of time concerning prayer.  Of course, we should have scheduled times to be alone with God in prayer.  Yet, we ought to be “praying without ceasing.”  This means that we are in communion with God in every activity, every encounter, every person, throughout the day.  It does not mean that we must vocalize or verbalize a prayer.  This kind of praying is a matter of the internal disposition and engagement of the heart and mind.  Again, prayer saturates, permeates, and it becomes a part of all our time.  It is not an attempt to carve out time.  It consumes our time!   Another opportunity to engage in creative prayer may be done even while getting dressed.  For example, as we are taking a shower, we may thank God for the water and then ask Him to wash away every stain of sin in our hearts.  As we brush our teeth, we can pray that God brush away the embedded and sinful habits of our lives. 

Even concerning the reading or consuming of the Word of God, we can find creative ways.  The Bible may be listened to as we are driving our cars or riding the bus.  We may play it as we are getting dressed.   We may even have a passage of the week posted on our mirror and read it as we are getting dressed.  Of course, we should have a set time to read God’s Word.  There are some things that should be a priority.  The Lord Jesus tells us to “seek first the Kingdom of God and its righteousness.”  

In this article, an attempt is being made to help you to see that the way to solve the scheduling problem is not always to add “one more thing” on your calendar. Instead, it is suggested that you allow the priorities of God to permeate and flow through every single second, minute, hour, and day of our lives.   When it is read, it may appear to be more burdensome.  A closer examination, however, will reveal that it is less of a weight or incumbrance.  Your schedule can become an aid to your spiritual life and not an impediment.  Let’s read the Word, pray, and share the Good News about Jesus Christ, our Lord, and our Savior!


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