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Repeat After Me
January 20, 2023, 10:00 AM

Recently, I heard one of my colleagues provide one of the most profound summations of the current cultural crusaders’ attempt to establish a new orthodoxy concerning gender and sexuality.  It was “repeat after me”!  With these familiar words, often used by educators, she distilled the essence of this movement. She rightly pointed out that those participants in this crusade often utilize assertions rather than truth or facts.  For them, truth is established by whatever they declare. Furthermore, if others do not conform to, embrace, or repeat what is being asserted, the creators of these newly-created tenets would then attempt to have them cancelled by loss of employment or by vitriolic disruption. The “Repeat after Me” movement” is being promoted and perpetuated by the cooperating machinery of media and Universities.  The high priests and priestesses of this new creed include celebrities, media pundits, professors, leaders of educational institutions and School systems and politicians.   With such a pervasive onslaught, this nonsensical, illogical, unscientific, and unbiblical philosophy has overwhelmed the cultural mindset and mood like a tsunami. 

To overcome this movement, it must be countered by truth.  This truth emerges from the biblical, scientific, and experiential spheres.  (All truth is God’s truth).  The Bible stands against these new assertions and futile attempts to reject the binary categories of male-female and man-woman concerning sex and gender.  Scientific methodology stands against the establishment of truth by mere assertions.  At best, concerning science, assertions amount to hypotheses or theories but not established scientific truth.  Scientifically, truth is observed and then confirmed through the methodology of scientific experimentation.  Experience may help to reveal or confirm truth.  However, experience alone is insufficient, because experience may be misinterpreted. Also, because the meaning or the morality of the experience does not come along with the experience, meaning and morality must be established and evaluated by a criterion outside of the experience itself.  For example, experience may establish the reality of same-sex attraction.  The meaning or morality of that attraction, however, must be informed by God’s Word.

In short, we need truth—God’s truth!  It comes not by man-made assertions but by God-given and God-ordained declarations!  We, as God’s people, must repeat after Him—God that is!  We repeat after Him!!


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